Welcome to the Safe, Reliable and Affordable Kids Transportation. Safety is in our DNA! We go the extra mile to make sure your kids enjoy the ride.

MyKidZ Chauffeur Carpool Services

Count on MyKidz Chauffeur a division of MyChauffeur of Nashville Tennessee Inc

Our Mission

We help transport children to and from after school programs that they may not have been able to attend due to challenges with commute or parent schedule conflicts. We know that children who spend time in after-school program enrichment activities earn better grades in school, have quality work habits and learn interpersonal skills that lead to better peer relationships. Our mission is to allow them and the parents easy access to our programs!

Count on MyKidz Chauffeur a division of My Chauffeur of Nashville Tennessee Inc. to provide safe and cost-effective transportation for all your students transportation needs including: After school, sports activities, and extended school-run trips, tutoring services. If you would like more information about our services, you can email info@mychauffeurtn.com or call (615) 772.7081

Carpool Services


Direct-To-Home is our after school carpool transportation service, a fee-based service that allows busy parents to continue sending their children to/from school every day in the safe, reliable and affordable of a professional License Driver.

We are not an on-demand taxi Service. We chauffeur kids at an affordable prices. We strive to simplify the lives of parents by transporting children to and from various destinations, whether It's school, sports actIvities, tutoring services, you name it!

By signing up with MyKIDZ Chauffeur, you will be receiving the highest level of safety, reliable and cost-effective student transportation that service Middle TN. Our services are delivered by Professional experience drivers, License by the Metropolitan Transportation Licensing Commission Department, Background and fingerprint check, Drug Tested before they can drive.

As school systems and districts face decreased budgets and fluctuating enrollments, coordinating education based transportation can be a costly and time-consuming process. Organizations that outsource transportation to MyKIDZ Chauffeur can stretch valuable resources overall, without sacrificing quality, safety, or reliability.

Other Services

We proudly offer the following services:

  • Transport for kids to public/private schools and day cares
  • Transport for children to camps and summer activities
  • Transport for kids to camps and Summer Activities
  • Transport for kids to student employment/volunteer work
  • Transport for children to medical and dental appointments
  • Sick Child Pick Up or Emergencies
  • One Way, Round Trip, Daily or Weekly Services
  • Weekends by arrangement
  • Pre-arranged door to door service


MyKidz Chauffeur takes care of your transportation needs with your busy schedule so that you have more time to focus on your work or business. We work with you so that we can offer our transportation services to your family at an affordable, reliable and efficient service. Customize from a variety of packages based on your family’s transportation needs.

  • One-Way/Round-Trips
  • Morning/Afternoon Pick-up and Drop Off
  • Weekend Package
  • Group Package
  • Day Trips

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